Puttin’ on the Spritz

Fizzy Cocktails and Crazy Burgers in Lakeview

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Inhale deeply.

That’s love you smell. It’s in the air today.

It bears an uncanny resemblance to the aroma of a burger topped with poutine. Speaking of which...

Prepare to get cozy with SpritzBurger, a Lakeview burger shack filled with fizzy cocktails and hamburgers that may be considered immoral in some southern counties, opening tonight.

The Hearty Boys joined forces with Gale Gand to convert Hearty into someplace that’s perfect for lovers. By which we mean lovers of spiked egg creams, Cheetos mac and cheese and butterscotch pudding.

It’s still got a quirky design touch or two, like a photomural of a squirrel slurping down a soda through a straw. But it’s basically a butcher-block-table-filled, don’t-get-all-dressed-up-just-because-you’re-on-a-date kind of place.

The spritz in the name comes from things like housemade tonic and soda water—put to good use in their own dark cherry pop, and even better use in a Port in a Storm, spritzed into your glass tableside. (It’s like a perfume counter, but with soda.)

Still, it’s a burger place at its core. There’s that aforementioned poutine burger, there’s a burger with Spam and an egg, a burger with candied bacon...

That last one’s perfect for Valentine’s Day.


3819 N Broadway
(near Irving Park)
Chicago, IL, 60613


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