Hitting the Bottle

Scotch Eggs and Beer Sundaes in River North

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This week, you just want to hear those three little words.

Fudgy beer sundae.

Well, there. We said them. You’re welcome.

Now, to actually eat one, you’ll have to wait for Bottlefork, a gastronomically decadent River North retreat, slated to open next Tuesday, the 18th.

This place is more than just an ingenious portmanteau of the words “bottle” and “fork.” It combines the culinary skill of chef Kevin Hickey (Four Seasons) with the know-how of Rockit Ranch Productions. The results: quite promising.

In addition to soft-serve sundaes (spiked with things like stout, brandy or rum), you’ll find a space with the vibe of someone’s kitchen during a raucous dinner party. Someone who makes their own amber ale using root vegetables. Someone with a mural of a rabbit wearing a dress (surprisingly tasteful). Someone... interesting.

Bring friends. Take over the end of the bar near the chef, called the Kitchen Counter. Good things happen there. You’ll hear the sizzle of seven-hour smoked ham steaks. You’ll snack on bratwurst Scotch quail eggs. Your po’boy will have lobster and foie gras. You’ll get a brown bag that’s filled with french fries with a soft-boiled egg and then shaken in front of you.

It’s this year’s Harlem Shake.

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