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Horses, Crocodiles and Bungee Jumping

We’ve got nothing against dinner dates. Or movie nights. Or couples pottery classes (well, maybe). It’s just that spicing up a relationship requires a bit more... creativity. So here are five ideas that’ll get your significant (or significant-ish) other’s adrenaline pumping. Because you don’t really know someone until you’ve heli-bungeed together.

Diving with Crocodiles in Botswana

Diving with Crocodiles in Botswana

The Challenge: Swimming face-to-jaws with a bunch of massive African crocodiles in their natural habitat. So just make sure you can outswim your companion.
The Risk: That they haven’t had lunch yet.
The Reward: Après-diving in a secluded waterfront chalet. Also, not having your face eaten.

Skydiving at the North Pole

Skydiving at the North Pole

The Challenge: It’s twofold, actually. First: you need to jump from a Russian aircraft several thousand feet above the North Pole. Second: you need to land in one piece.
The Risk: Aside from a parachute malfunction, just Arctic winds and subzero temperatures.
The Reward: Bragging rights; possibly a Santa Claus sighting.

A Terrifying Lookout in France

A Terrifying Lookout in France

The Challenge: Standing in a glass box suspended 12,600 feet in the air, at the top of Mont-Blanc.
The Risk: Discovering the meaning of vertigo.
The Reward: A table for two at the highest restaurant in Europe, right next door. And it’s a safe bet the beer is cold.

Heli-Bungee-Jumping over a Volcano

Heli-Bungee-Jumping over a Volcano

The Challenge: Bungee jumping. From a helicopter. Suspended over an active volcano in Chile.
The Risk: Well, it’s hot. Like 1,000-degrees hot.
The Reward: If your co-jumper can make it through this: keeper. If not: honestly, maybe cut them some slack...

Horse Surfing. (Yep, Horse Surfing.)

Horse Surfing. (Yep, Horse Surfing.)

The Challenge: Mounting a horse and riding it bodysurfer-style into some six-foot waves on an Australian beach.
The Risk: None, really. Unless you’re allergic to horses or something.
The Reward: A nice, long sunset ride on a secluded seven-mile beach. Bonus: horses are great at keeping secrets.

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