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Which New Barbecue Joint Is Right for You?

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Big barbecue news. Brendan Sodikoff’s (Gilt Bar, Au Cheval, et al) Green Street Smoked Meats (right) opened last night off Randolph Street. Also, Naperville powerhouse Q-BBQ opens its first city locale on Friday. Now, a guide to choosing the right one for you:

How comfortable am I walking down alleys and looking for unmarked doors?
Very: Green Street
I prefer lighted streets in Lakeview: Q-BBQ

I like my meat smoked with:
Oak and cherry: Green Street
Hickory and apple: Q-BBQ

I need a place I can entertain:
Myself and a few close friends, in an efficient, quick-serve setup: Q-BBQ
Visiting guests who have heard about places like Au Cheval and Big Star, but since I’ve been to those places a million times, someplace that’s kind of a combination: Green Street

When it comes to sauces, I prefer:
Regional authenticity: Q-BBQ. They’ve got North Carolina vinegar, spicy Texas, and classic Kansas City style to slather on brisket, pulled pork and chicken, and brisket burnt ends.
Wacky names: Green Street. They’ve got the coffee-infused Brown Thunder and a spicy Leprechaun’s Tears for thick-cut pork belly, pulled pork, chicken legs, etc.

I like big sinks in the middle of restaurants because:
You can wash your hands in them: Q-BBQ
Grab a can of beer from them: Green Street

And the canned beer I drink semi-ironically is:
Hamm’s: Q-BBQ. $3 cans are the house favorite from the 20 or so beers available.
Coors: Green Street. $3 cans of it are available among a couple dozen beers, a hearty whiskey collection and cocktails like the Mezcal Sling.

Choose one: Cheez-Its or Fritos:
Cheez-Its, preferably crumbled on top of baked mac and cheese: Q-BBQ
Fritos, preferably served in their bag topped with chili: Yes, Green Street has Frito pie.

Okay, we’ll let you choose two.


Green Street Smoked Meats
112 N Green St
(between Randolph and Washington)
Chicago, IL 60607
official website

714 W Diversey Pkwy
(between Burling and Orchard)
Chicago, IL 60614
official website


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