Go Fish

Fishing with Military-Grade Sonar

None You’ve already mastered drinking beers in the sun.

So you’re halfway toward a lucrative career as an angler.

Or maybe just a few productive weekends on the lake.

Find some bait for FishHunter, a military-grade sonar device that’ll help you reel in an abundance of sea life, available now.

It’s not technically cheating. But it’s pretty damn close. Because what looks like a floating buoy is actually a high-tech fish detector that transmits wirelessly to your phone. So you’ll soon learn that a school of fish is brazenly swimming on your left at a depth of seven meters. It’s almost too easy.

Which means the next time you’re charged with catching your own dinner (or you just want to spend an afternoon on the water), you’ll drop this thing over the side of your boat. It’ll get to work doing sonar things while you bait a couple hooks/pop open a couple beers. Then consult the app for a little guidance, cast a line and there you go. Fishing.

And because that success will likely beget more fishing, you’ll want to consult the app’s weather forecasts and moon cycles to plan your next trip.

Yep, just how our ancestors did it.

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