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Man does not live by bread alone.

He usually likes a little butter, too.

Oh, and hey, if the bread is in bourbon-pear-scone form, well, now man is really living.

Welcome to Cellar Door Provisions, a tiny Logan Square café with serious designs on your breakfast and lunch habits, opening Wednesday.

You might know these guys from their monthly dinner parties. Or their fresh-baked-bread subscription service. In which case, a) you’re pretty intense about bread; b) grabbing a sandwich from them would be a logical next step.

The inside’s super simple. A counter, one long table and the welcoming aroma of morning buns. So, sure, swing by for a coffee and that bourbon-pear multigrain scone on your way to work and be off. Go nuts.

But if you’re looking to upgrade your weekday lunch with artisanal sausage with malted mustard—or lamb leg soup or handcrafted ricotta dumplings—this is your place. Just order at the counter, grab a seat and chow down.

Okay, you probably figured that part out.


Cellar Door Provisions
3025 W Diversey Ave
(at Whipple)
Chicago, IL, 60647


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