Golden Girls

And Now, the Sexiest Olympians at Sochi

3d1ecc60ce93a2687f1de494a36bf73410 PhotosA Visual Review of Sochi’s Sexiest Contenders
The Olympics approacheth.

Which means you’ve got six days to remember the true nature of grace and sportsmanship.

Our tip: rewatch Cool Runnings.

There. Now take a peek at the most eye-pleasing candidates heading to Sochi...

Because it’s time for A Visual Review of Sochi’s Sexiest Contenders, a little slideshow stacked with pictures of extremely photogenic skiers, snowboarders, figure skaters and even a bobsledder or two from all over the world.

You don’t really need a reason for looking at photos of beautiful athletic women.

So here’s three: 1) Australian curler Claudia Toth hiding behind strategically positioned ice cubes. 2) American snowboarder Hannah Teter evening out her tan. And 3) Russian curler Anna Sidorova... being a Russian curler.

It isn’t easy, but someone’s got to...

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