Ice Cube

A Glass-Walled Haven of Austrian Victuals

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You could plant a flag at the top of a mountain...

Or you could eat duck and drink mulled wine in a giant glass cube at the top of a mountain.


Save your most piercing gazes for Ice Q, a new glassed-in restaurant perched on top of an Austrian mountain peak for your lording-over-the-regular-humans-below pleasure, taking reservations now.

This is where you’re meeting up with the group after you’ve exhausted all 33 of Sölden’s ski lifts. When it’s a “Let’s eat veal and roasted chestnuts in a floating box overlooking snowy jagged peaks” kind of night.

You’ll ascend the mountain via gondola, walk over a covered bridge from the landing station and emerge into the dining room. Take in the blond-wood tables and the lamps that look like bronze UFOs and the appropriately colossal windows surrounding you. Just as promised.

As for where you’ll sit, well, you’ve got options. The outdoor terrace is a pretty good one. But so is the lounge with all the champagne and live music.

Always wait 30 minutes before waltzing.


Ice Q
at Gaislachkogl Summit at Sölden Ski Area
Gemeindestrasse 4
6450 Sölden
+43 (0) 57200 200
official website


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