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History’s Sexiest Ski Bunnies: A Slideshow

6c739fe382055a19a7e09f73e8ed90f711 PhotosA Photographic Review of History’s Sexiest Ski Bunnies
Today, we raise a toast to the ski bunny.

The way they light up a hot tub when they walk into it. The way their outfits never conform to silly things like the weather. The way they’re always starting tickle fights.

Shame they’ve all gone into hibernation...

Which is why we’ve decided to pay homage to these snow-speckled ladies of the day with something we’re calling A Photographic Review of History’s Sexiest Ski Bunnies.

It’s a visual ode to the glorious union of fur-wrapped ladies and snow-covered slopes, and you’ll definitely want to take a peek here.

Inside: Kate Upton hiding behind a strategically placed hand warmer. Cindy Crawford rolling around in nothing but a bed of snow. A sun-kissed Bridget Hall pretending to snowboard but looking attractive instead. It pretty much goes on like this.

Bless their hearts.

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