Bootsy Bellows Aspen

Fire Down Bellows

A New Basement Lounge with Whiskey and Puppets

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The thing about Aspen is...

Oh, who are we kidding. You’re just here to meet Bootsy Bellows Aspen, the Rocky Mountain version of that famed LA funhouse by the same name. It’s got dancing girls. It’s got lobster. And it’s now open for your post-piste overindulging consideration.

The Playboy Club meets Dr. No’s subterranean hideout circa 1965. That’s what it’s like in here. And it’s got all the diamond-shaped mirrors, gilded DJ booths and art deco lamps you’ve come to expect from a lounge helmed by John Terzian and his band of merry men.

One of those being David Arquette. Right. The place is named after his late burlesque-dancing... mother. (Guess that explains that.)

Make a reservation. Put on something velvet. Then, take it all in. Really get in there. Grab a mini barrel of Manhattans and some West Coast oysters before joining all those long-legged European people whipping themselves into a frenzy on the dance floor.

And we should warn you. You may be randomly subjected to a dancing-puppet show at some point throughout the evening.

Other than that, pretty boring place.

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