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A Little Cinematic Inspiration: Ski Edition

None 12 Photos The Greatest Moments of Ski-Film History
Looks like you’re not ready for ski season yet.


Maybe it’s because you haven’t waxed your skis yet. Maybe it’s because you haven’t fluffed your bearskin rug yet.

Or maybe, just maybe... it’s because you’re not inspired yet.

Oh, look: it’s The Greatest Moments of Ski-Film History, a veritable treasure trove of cinematic delights from the... actually, you can just call it a slideshow of inspirational scenes from ski flicks.

So yes, what you have here is a photographic parade of the most iconic bits of big-screen slope-ery. Let’s see, you’ve got some ski bunnies from Hot Tub Time Machine. The Beatles hanging out, looking all Beatles-like in Help! The Pink Panther. No, that’s it on that one. Just the Pink Panther.

Anyway, feel free to use these as reminders of what you’ll achieve this season: fame, glory and hopefully not having to jump over an explosion like James Bond in The World Is Not Enough.

You should want to do that, not have to.

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