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The Godfrey Hotel’s New Stunner

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This cold can’t last forever. It just can’t.

There will be fun in the sun again. There will be rooftop parties again. There will be flirtatious cocktail dresses and banter over martinis again.

Just hang on until Saturday...

This place is coming to your rescue: I/O Urban Roofscape, a sexy playground terrace at the new Godfrey Hotel.

As you can probably deduce, the I/O means indoor/outdoor. It’s partly a terrace, partly a lounge. Roofscape... well, that simply means you’ll find a glass retractable roof, a waterfall wall, a fireplace, a bar, and lots of southern and western exposures full of afternoon sun shaded by white stretched canopies that look like stingrays. The usual roofscape stuff.

In other words, you now have a comfortable year-round solarium. Come here with friends after work, watch the sun set over River North, down some beer and Wagyu sliders, and then head out for the night. If you make a play for dinner, you’ll be rewarded with ahi tuna, prime burgers, and truffle mac and cheese.

You’ll also like the “I” part of the I/O equation. It’s useful when you’re desperate for some art deco couches, a brandy Alexander and a warm fire.

Then again, when aren’t you desperate for some art deco couches.

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