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A Serious Burger Joint in Streeterville

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Unicorns. Chimeras. Business-attire-appropriate burger joints.

One of these three mythical beasts now exists in real life.

Behold: Chef’s Burger Bistro, a two-story fantasia of sleek style and juicy burgers, slated to open next week in Streeterville.

It’s in the former Boston Blackie’s address, but the space has been entirely rebuilt. There’s an indoor/outdoor bar with 30 beers available. If you’re having a working lunch, take over a big round booth near the bar. If you’re having a meeting, reserve the party room with a live video feed from the kitchen—though you could probably use it for a PowerPoint.

Burgers are serious business here. They’re using a charcoal-powered broiler, the only one of its type in Chicago. The chef worked with a team of highly skilled pastry chefs in San Francisco for a year to develop the perfect bun. They have seven signature burgers. Toppings range from nice (e.g., blue cheese) to, let’s say, “interesting” (e.g., peanut butter).

But maybe you don’t feel like a burger. That’s when lobster rolls, duck-fat fries and shareable platters of lamb tacos will come into play. And breakfast: that’s when omelets and donut bites will come into play.

So, yes. Off-site breakfast meetings may be in your future.

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