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A Stylish Oyster Bar near the River

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Say you’re in the mood for oysters.

Great. Then you’ll probably want to know this: Pearl Tavern is opening next Tuesday in the Loop. It’s a classically handsome oyster bar, and they have all the fresh, briny bivalves you want.

Now—just for kicks—let’s say you’re not in the mood for oysters. Let’s walk you through some of the other intriguing whims that may overtake you:

You’re in the mood for: A post-work beer and a lobster roll. A seat at the bar (with its 20 shiny brass tap handles pouring things like Belgian farmhouse ales) should scratch those itches. Come spring, look for riverside seating.

You’re in the mood for: Crabmeat-stuffed churros. Actually, let us rephrase: you’re in the mood for crabmeat-stuffed churros, now that you’re aware they exist.

You’re in the mood for: An American Hustle–themed Oscar party. You get a private room with a vintage hi-fi, eight-track deck, and secret liquor cabinet. You supply the toupees.

You’re in the mood for: Mermaids. Look for them in the artwork, in the sculptural accents under bar, and in your glass. Specifically, the mezcal-and-habanero-syrup-tinged Angry Mermaids.

Note: that last one won’t be wearing any clamshells.


Pearl Tavern
180 N Wacker Dr
(between Lake and Randolph)
Chicago, IL, 60606


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