Rabbit Hole

Cocktails and Contortionists at the Cosmo

New resolution time.

Repeat after us:

I will not. Get so hung up. On “reality.”

Wonderful. Now, start fulfilling that resolution here...

Welcome to Rose.Rabbit.Lie., a labyrinthine combination of restaurant, nightclub, cocktail bar and kinky immersive theater opening December 30 at the Cosmopolitan.

So, this is from those delightfully weird folks at Absinthe. It’s four rooms, one antechamber and a general mixture of clinking martini glasses, thumping bass and the gentle sound of cracking joints. Right, so delightfully weird.

You’ll want to start in the room that contains the cocktail bar. Weave around the 500-coupe-champagne-glass tower (okay, admire it for a second) and be seated. You’re free to share a punch bowl with anyone willing, but our suggestion: go for the barrel-aged cocktail flasks. For portability.

See, that portability is key to your hitting all the rooms in one night. The restaurant for large-format meals. The lounge for lounging. The ballroom for... well, ballin’. Technically.

Anyway, don’t linger. You’ve got one last space to examine. It’s called the Swimming Pool. There’s... no pool. There are three nightly shows. Kinky stuff. Performers who leave the stage. Specifically: a pair of twin contortionists.

By Vegas law, contortionists must be twins.


at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109

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