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Art from a Former Hot-Air Balloon Pilot

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Everyone, meet Victor.

Victor, meet everyone.

Victor likes taking pictures.

He also likes fishing, the female figure and hot-air balloons... but we’ll get to all that.

Especially the female figures.

Stare with appreciation at Spinelli Galleries, a photographic showroom of one Victor Spinelli and the website responsible for the warning you’re about to receive from IT, online now.

So, about Victor. Guy’s full of stories. Like the time he landed a hot-air balloon inside a prison by mistake. Or the time he was on a fishing boat in Alaska and decided to learn photography. Which eventually led him to Vogue, W, Harper’s and staring face-to-lens with a lot of exquisite women on a regular basis.

Which brings us to now. He’s got this online gallery for you to browse. And if you want, to acquire some of his work. Like the shot of a half-naked Amber Heard next to the Hollywood sign. Or the one with the woman wearing nothing but a brass diving helmet. Sure, it’s mostly images of the erotic persuasion, but he also dabbles in nature and travel photography.

If you’re into that kind of thing.

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