Hindsight Is 2013

2013, by the Numbers

In short: 2013 was quite a year. Here’s a highly scientific statistical breakdown of the good (State Bird Provisions existing), the bad (State Bird Provisions breaking the Internet) and the... um, Kanye-Kardashian thing at AT&T Park.

Miles of noodles hand-pulled at M.Y. China: 873
Hours after launch until State Bird Provisions’ reservations system crashed due to high demand: 1
Gotham City Chronicles printed specially for Batkid: 1,000
Number of Bay Bridge Lights: 25,000
Pounds of marijuana the sheriff’s office found in Alameda being guarded by an alligator named Mr. Teeth: 34
Height, in inches, of the new Yoda statue at Imagination Park in San Anselmo: 30
Breweries that opened citywide: 842,333
Pounds of pork belly consumed: 842,334
Number of Gintonics served at Coqueta: 842,335
Gallons of beer served during the America’s Cup: 842,336
Cases of scurvy during the race: 0
E’s used on AT&T Park’s jumbotron when Kanye West proposed to Kim Kardashian: 7 (it read: “Pleeease Marry Meee”)

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