Splash Dance

This Bathtub Is Basically a Giant Speaker

None Rubber Duckie, you’re the one.

You make bath time lots of fun.

Just, you know, not as fun as a bathtub that’s been outfitted with a handful of underwater Bluetooth speakers.

Appreciate the sheer existence of Sound Wave, a completely reasonable bathing vessel that... well, it plays music, available now.

Looks like a bathtub. Works like a bathtub. Also works like a state-of-the-art surround-sound system. Suppose that’s what happens when you conceal five acoustically arranged speakers around the inside of a tub and design them to work seamlessly with your phone or tablet or laptop or other wireless electronic devices that you probably shouldn’t be operating while in the bath.

Anyway, we see you using this in one of several ways. Way #1: bathtub karaoke. Way #2: synchronized swim practice. Way #3: audiobooks.

The Old Man and the Sea. And the bath. Think about it.

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