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A Sexy New Date Spot in Lincoln Park

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Garanimals taught you:

Zebras go with zebras. Hippos go with hippos. Elephants go with elephants.

Garanimals didn’t teach you:

Lobsters go with... brown-butter-infused Old Fashioneds.

Guess you’ll have to learn that lesson here: Coppervine, a user-friendly new date spot, now open in Lincoln Park.

You’ve probably been through Wine Pairing 101: big steak, red wine (it was on the final). But when it comes to choosing the right beer for, say, some lime-and-parmesan popcorn that’s been cooked in Thai-chili-infused oil... well, that’s a stumper.

Enter Don Sritong (who’s never steered you wrong at Just Grapes) and consulting chef Michael Taus (who’s never stirred a creamy polenta you didn’t like). They’ve created a menu that lists the best wine, beer or cocktail pairing for every dish.

You want pappardelle with oxtail-tomato ragout, you’ll see the suitable beverage for the job. You just want a Sorachi Ace Saison, the menu points you in the direction of something appropriately crudo-ish.

Now, as far as who you’re paired with: you could get intimate under the barrel-vaulted ceiling at a cozy two-top near the front. Or... you could book the entire upstairs for a party.

You do like to mix and match.

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