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How About This ’Wether

Oysters and Manhattans off Michigan Avenue

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Mag Mile. It’s getting pretty chaotic over there.

You might need to get away. To, like, Hawaii.

Or at the very least, a couple of blocks east.

Plan your escape to Bellwether Meeting House & Eatery, a bastion of easygoing comfort food, now open in Streeterville.

Taking over the prime real estate left behind by P.J. Clarke’s, this occupies that sweet spot equidistant from Navy Pier and Michigan Avenue. It’s casual, but not without a certain flair: two full stories decked out in colored lights, strings of crystal lighting hanging from the ceiling, a 25-foot-tall wine cabinet and a mural of a top-hatted, cane-wielding man on the back wall. You like a well-dressed mascot.

So when you need a place to duck into for something relaxed and easy—a good Manhattan and a few oysters, maybe—take a seat at the bar and enjoy. You’ll also want to add this to your list of good meeting spots before or after the AMC River East. Take over one of the loungy, low-slung dining tables and let your real-life version of The Hunger Games play out over ribeyes and pappardelle.

May the shrimp cocktail be ever in your favor.

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