Chuck's: A Kerry Simon Kitchen

Chucking It

A New Hard Rock Restaurant. From Kerry Simon.

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You traveled to Vegas recently. Met someone at the Hard Rock. There were drinks, dinner, a few laughs. Then you went on your merry way.

Well, you know the saying: what happens in Vegas... follows you and sets up a flashy Michigan Avenue restaurant.

Meet Chuck’s: A Kerry Simon Kitchen, opening tomorrow in the Hard Rock Hotel.

Yes, the name is... involved. But you remember Chuck’s Manufacturing: pink lights, PVC pipes everywhere—um, yeah. All that’s gone. Now there are black lacquered tables, silver chandeliers and the occasional gold skull.

The man behind all this: Kerry Simon. He’s a West Coast chef with some big-name hotel-restaurant cred (Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel, LA’s Sofitel) and an Iron Chef win under his belt. And he’s reimagined this place with a rock-vibe thing. Translation: Incubus may be played by the DJ.

Your plan: duck in after the Lights Festival this weekend for a Pirate’s Booty (rum, cinnamon syrup) and a test-drive of some waffle-fry nachos. But keep their big tables in mind when you’re corralling your office for a holiday steak dinner. There are even a few nooks near the back for cozier meals over crab fondue.

Incubus and crab fondue: pure romance.

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