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A Beauty of a Wine Bar near DePaul

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The classic Chicago neighborhood bar.

Good for: Bears, beers, burgers. Also: loud discussions on any of those topics.

But not so good for: making a great first impression with dates.

Here to change that last part: Trellis, a European-inspired upgrade to your sexy-hideaway options near DePaul, opening tomorrow night.

This is from the Four Corners guys, and it’s in the former Gaslight space. They’re essentially moving from an upscale pub... to an even more upscale pub.

So picture yourself standing at that drink rail near the front, casually waiting for your date. You’ll admire little touches like industrial lights above the bar, driftwood sculptures and lots of silvers and grays. You tend to see the little details when drinking chipotle-infused stouts from Blue Nose Brewery.

Now, when your date arrives, you’ll probably want to decamp to a soft banquette near the back. Then allow yourselves to be swept along with champagne and fresh oysters, pork osso buco and red wine blends with names like “Sexual Chocolate” and “F Bomb.”

Oh, and naturally, all of this is set to a soundtrack of Marvin Gaye and the sort of loungy music that’s usually reserved for Barcelonan hotel lobbies.

In case “Sexual Chocolate” was too subtle.
Note: <a href="" target="_blank">Trellis</a>, opens tomorrow night at 5pm, 2426 N Racine Ave, 773-644-6441, <a href= "" target= "_blank">see the menu</a> and <a href= "" target="_blank">the slideshow</a>

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