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A New Date Spot for Meat Lovers

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In this town, there are houses with steak and then there are steakhouses.

You know, places with 16-ounce ribeyes, lots of bourbon and a Zen-like, first-date-friendly atmosphere, and where people are apt to say, “The steak is good, but you should really try the brussels sprouts.”

Wait. No. That’s only this place: Unite Urban Grill, a meat-scented neighborhood date spot in Noble Square, now open.

This isn’t a Gibsons or a Chicago Cut. You’ll figure that out right away. First, you’re sitting in a low-slung cocktail lounge, getting cozy with someone over Manhattans and Noble Squares: cinnamon-tinged vodka cocktails with port syrup and chocolate-mole bitters. Second, you probably saw the sign on the door.

But it is a steakhouse. And it’s understated in all the right ways: exposed brick walls, exotic plants and a velvety blue banquette where you and a date can split a bottle of red wine.

Yet... it’s also overstated in all the right ways. So while a date can keep it light with pastas and a side of quinoa, you’ll gravitate to filets and giant New York strip steaks.

Always let the strip steaks do the talking.


Unite Urban Grill
1450 W Chicago Ave
Chicago, IL, 60642


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