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A Small-Plates Wonderland in Lakeview

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Go big or go home.

Good advice.

Except when you’re sitting in an Asian place with wasabi martinis and ribeye tacos.

Then by all means: go small. Go small frequently.

Say hello to Bites Asian Tapas, a cozy spot with lots of small plates from the Pacific Rim and beyond (yes, “beyond” includes Mexico and India), opening tonight in Lakeview.

Japan. Thailand. China. Korea. Vietnam. The USA. They all make great food. And you’ll find influences from all of them here. It’s sort of like a culinary supergroup. On the menu: kimchi egg rolls, pulled-pork-topped cornbread waffles (for brunch) and a ribeye-stuffed Crying Amigo Taco (its tears take the form of a Thai-style chili sauce).

So you’ll want to come here when you’re feeling... well, you don’t know what you’re feeling. You just know that barn-wood-covered walls, a roaring fire, some ramen noodles and a spicy ginger martini (the Hot Geisha) will improve your cold November night.

Share some samosas with a friend. Share some pork belly buns. If you’re really hungry, there are larger dishes like the Angry Duck, a chili-marinated duck breast.

You don’t have to share it.

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