Perfect A10

Wood-Fired Strip Steak in Hyde Park

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Tomorrow, you’re going on a long, long journey.

Italy. France. Places like that.

By which we mean... Hyde Park.

Say hello to A10, a new European-inspired spot from the Yusho/Billy Sunday folks, opening tomorrow.

This is named after the European motorway that connects Italy to France. So yes, you’ll notice a lot of Italian and French food here (think: housemade pastas and wood-fired snails). It’s also located in the restored Harper Theater building (the part that’s not still a movie theater). So if you need a squash-infused version of a shandy to cool off after watching Penélope Cruz in The Counselor, you can get one on tap.

Walking in, you’ll find a spacious dining room on the right with Moroccan tapestries covering exposed brick walls. This is where you’ll go for serious business meetings over wood-fired strip steak with anchovy butter.

To the left, however, you and a date can sneak into that dim, dark-bricked barroom. Cozy up over braised rabbit and be comforted the way only a bottle of good Bordeaux can comfort you.

Though a sweater might help.


1462 E 53rd St
(at S Harper)
Chicago, IL 60615


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