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A Downtown Loft for Tacos and Whiskey

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Some people climb stairs for exercise.

Others, for tacos and whiskey.

Hey, goals are goals.

Step toward The Woolworth, a second-story hideaway that’s home to your next fireside cocktail, softly open now inside the old Stone Street Martini Lounge.

However will you use such a discreet new Downtown bar. Hmm. Let’s think.

For acquiring post-work provisions.
They’ve got those in spades. Things like Sazeracs and pumpkin-y rum drinks. Also, other things like pork tacos and pan-roasted scallops. And would you look at that... places to sit. Wooden tables and white leather booths: check.

For catching up on your reading.
You can do that in the library. It’s in the very back left. Looks like a library. Full of leather-bound books, plush couches and a fireplace. Use your inside voice.

For taking extended lunch breaks.
Lunch begins November 11. You can expect things like steak sandwiches with truffle fries, salads and bubbling lobster fondue. We know, we’re excited about the salads, too.

For hosting holiday soirees.
Or any kind of soiree, really. Because that library doubles as an event space. Which should prove useful for anything festive and brandy-in-your-eggnog related.

So, book club.


The Woolworth
1520 Elm St, Ste 201
Dallas, TX, 75204


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