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West Town’s New Apple Brandy Bar

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You’ve done the whole apple-picking-in-the-country thing.

Time for something new. How about the picking-up-apple-brandy-in-the-city thing.

We know a place: Rhine Hall, a micro-distillery that transforms ripe apples into the miracle of apple brandy, opening Saturday in West Town.

Maybe you recall having had apple brandy at some point in your life. It probably involved you, sauerbraten, the Austrian national ski team and yodeling. Also: you liked it. It’s a little sweet. Tastes like apples. And packs a wallop. Everything you need after dinner.

The family behind this has been hobbyist distillers for years. But they’ve gone pro here: there’s a big copper still, a few fermentation tanks and a lot of Southwest Michigan apples. Oh, and a Wonka-ish Schwinn bicycle that can magically chop up those apples.

So... next steps. You’ll come here with a date on a Saturday afternoon. You’ll enter the tasting room—a minimalist space with a garage door that can be flung open—and claim a couple stools at the bar. You’ll sample the apple brandy, the cinnamon-apple brandy and, soon enough, the barrel-aged apple brandy.

If you like what you sip, grab a bottle for the road.

No, you can’t take the Schwinn.


Rhine Hall
2010 W Fulton St
(between Damen and Hoyne)
Chicago, IL, 60612


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