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Steak and Whiskey in Humboldt Park

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We finally figured it out. Your Halloween costume: Ron Swanson.

Rugged. Handsome. Unintentionally funny. But we better get started.

First: grow a mustache. (Hurry.) Second: smother yourself in the piquant aromas of whiskey and grass-fed beef.

For that second thing, go here: Hunter & Tails, an extremely American gastropub that sits on a corner of Humboldt Park and offers plenty of red meat and brown liquor, now open.

Now, don’t get the wrong idea. This isn’t one of those deer-antler/taxidermy/reclaimed-wood places. Well, it does have reclaimed-wood tables. But it leans more toward mid-century cabin than Elks Lodge. Translation: yes, you could bring a date here.

You’ll start upstairs with a plate of applewood-charred shrimp with grits, then proceed to heartier options like 21-day-aged, grass-fed beef with red wine reduction.

Okay, that sounds kind of fancy. But all in all, this is a pretty simple place. We could see you kicking back in the downstairs bar area with friends on a weeknight. Sipping one of a couple dozen beers on draft or a tallboy. If you’re feeling more liquory, there are also cocktails that involve dark rum and dandelion-and-burdock-root bitters.

It’s been a while since you’ve had burdock-root bitters.

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