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The Anteprima Team Comes to Wicker Park

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There’s no place like Anteprima, Andersonville’s beloved den of fresh pasta and la dolce vita.

That bustling room. Those Tuscan-yellow walls. Those Negronis you’ve sipped on unforgettable dates. Yep. There’s just no compari...

Oh, wait. Yes there is. Meet Azzurra EnoTavola, Anteprima’s Wicker Park–based, pasta-and-wine-laden cousin, opening tomorrow.

You know all about the hospitality of Anteprima. Well, expect the same kind of treatment here. You’ll be ushered into a room that has the feel of some Italian grandmother’s cottage: pastoral landscapes hanging on the walls, 10 Victrola horns dangling from the ceiling, the smell of pancetta-wrapped pork loin inviting you to sit down and get comfortable. And you can never refuse pork. Or Italian grandmothers.

So you’ll sit. You’ll settle in. If you’re here on a date, a bottle of Chianti is a logical first move. Then do what comes naturally. Order some olives. Or some crispy brussels sprouts. Or a board of various cured meats. Or... basically, you can make a meal out of the appetizers here. Though a big bowl of spaghetti carbonara or grilled boar sausage isn’t a bad play either. Cap it all off with a shot of limoncello.

It’s how they do it in Andersonville.


Azzurra EnoTavola
1467 N Milwaukee Ave
(at Honore)
Chicago, IL, 60622


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