More Than Words

A Collection of Rankin’s Greatest Shots

You’re about to see some things.

Strange things. Famous things. Naked things.

And probably some strange famous naked things, too.

Fix your gaze upon MORE by Rankin, 368 pages of gorgeously provocative portraiture from one of the most celebrated photographers of the last half century, available for preorder now (and shipping November 15).

Jay Z. Queen Elizabeth II. Scarlett Johansson. Björk. Oasis. Madonna. There’s a group of people who would’ve made one hell of an awful basketball team. Also, there’s a group of people who’ve all posed for Rankin’s camera and are all featured in this pictorial overview of his storied career.

So if you or anyone you know (this makes a great holiday gift) has even the slightest interest in alluring things, get this book. Then, place it by a sofa. Then, thumb through it when you have a spare moment. Hey, there’s Tom Hardy. Thumb again. Hey, there’s a picture of a sexualized Medusa that Rankin collaborated on with Damien Hirst. Thumb again. Hey, extreme close-ups of eyeballs.

(Quickly thumbs back to the page with the sexy Medusa.)

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