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A Beer, Brunch and Patio Situation in Uptown

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You better have a good excuse ready...

Because if you’re not drinking a beer by the fire on this patio later tonight, we’re going to want to know why.

Rub your hands together for Nickel and Rye, a new home base for draft beers, draft tequila and fireside patio brunches, opening tonight on McKinney Ave.

What you’ve got here is that tried-and-true combination of burgers and beers and other things you like. Chicken-fried pork ribs come to mind. And it’s all set inside a space with exposed bricks, massive leather booths and a patio sporting a bunch of vertical fireplaces. Yeah, nothing to complain about there.

The next time (should probably be tonight) that you’re traipsing up and down McKinney Ave, pay these guys a visit. Introduce yourself. Grab one of those white leather bar seats and offer to buy yourself a Community IPA and some pastrami sliders. It’s the neighborly thing to do.

And because brunch is to your liking, you should know that it starts here on Sunday. French toast. Bloody Marys. Bacon. All your fireside patio essentials.

Provided you bring a bearskin rug.


Nickel and Rye
2523 McKinney Ave
Dallas, TX, 75201


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