Alone Wolf

A Haunted Basement You Go Through Alone

Well, this is potentially not good.

It seems you’ve found yourself in a vast pitch-black basement with a questionable flashlight and no way out. And you’re all alone. Maybe.

You knew you shouldn’t have had that last margarita at Las Perlas...

Consider the abject terror of Alone: An Existential Haunting, a supremely troubling haunted basement that you navigate alone... in the darkness... for 30 minutes... with an unreliable flashlight. Tickets are now on sale for its October 24 debut.

First, you’ll buy a ticket. Not too scary, unless your wi-fi’s really slow. Then, in a few days, an email will direct you to the secret location—all we can say is it’s a 1924 Downtown building once used as a temple by some ancient fraternal order. (Read: cult. Or: TV actors. Not sure.)

Whoever you came with: they can’t help you. You’ll be given a flashlight and a safe word. Seriously. And then you’ll be unceremoniously pointed down some stairs into a concrete basement maze. For the next 30 minutes, you’ll be searching for an escape. Alone.

Well, not completely alone. There’s something lurking down here. That may touch you. And snatch your flashlight. And... seems to somehow know all sorts of personal things about you.

Yes, you’re trapped with a Facebook stalker.


Alone: An Existential Haunting

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