Kate Is Enough

The Best of the Kate Moss Auction

There’s no such thing as too much Kate Moss. Which works out nicely, because there is such a thing as the <em>Kate Moss from the Collection of Gert Elfering</em> auction happening now at Christie’s. Yes, an entire auction devoted to Kate Moss. We assume you’ll be looking to purchase something...

Body Armour, 2013
LOT #34

<em>Body Armour</em>, 2013

What It Is: A near-life-size portrait of Ms. Moss encased in what appears to be a skintight suit of armor. Also, it appears the A/C was left on.
Where Youll Display It: Right by the front door. Hell, maybe on the front door.

Kate & Leah, For Love, February 2011
LOT #29

<em>Kate & Leah, For Love</em>, February 2011

What It Is: A black-and-white photo of a leather-clad Kate giving a scantily clad friend a kiss hello. From the looks of things, they’re probably very close.
Where You’ll Display It: The obvious answer is your bedroom. But the correct answer is anywhere with a wall.

Kate, 2007
LOT #31

<em/>Kate</em>, 2007

What It Is: An enormous woven tapestry of Kate Moss’s face.
Where Youll Display It: In the den. Or, you know, wrapped around your shoulders on a chilly autumn night.

Frozen Kate Head, 2000
LOT #22

<em>Frozen Kate Head</em>, 2000

What It Is: Somebody made an ice sculpture of a bald Kate Moss once. And then, later, somebody photographed that ice sculpture. This is that photograph.
Where Youll Display It: By your dining room table. Apparently, this thing starts conversations.

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