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An After-Work Bar with Funnel Cake Fries

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Big win by the Bears yesterday. They deserve a hearty pat on the back.

Actually, you were the one cheering for them in the rain. You deserve it. Actually, no. You deserve funnel cake fries.

For those, go here: Blackfinn Ameripub, an easygoing happy hour good-timery, opening Thursday in River North.

This is one of those something-for-everyone spots that you can usually get everybody in your group to agree on for a drink. First, the place is big. Like 11,000-square-feet big. So keep it in mind for holiday parties. And any aircrafts you need to park.

You can fit your whole office—or at least your whole softball team starting lineup—in one of the 10-person booths during a post-work/post-victory celebration. You’ll have a nice view of the action on Clark and Kinzie... though there are 23 TVs, if you’d like to see late-season baseball instead.

Settle in with a Metropolitan Krankshaft (they have 70 beers on tap) before delving into the menu, which is as thick as a novel. The CliffsNotes: it starts with beer mussels, proceeds to ham-and-egg-topped burgers and carnitas tacos, and ends with chocolate-chip-cookie ice cream sandwiches.

Ooh, right. Sorry. Spoiler alert.

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