Carrot Shtick

An Alarm That’s Very Mean

None Getting out of bed every morning.

It has its rewards, sure.

But staying in bed can be nice, too. A little too nice.

So there’s this: Carrot, a new iPhone app that uses the time-tested reward vs. punishment equation to get your (occasionally) lazy butt out of bed, available now.

At first, it will seem you’ve met another Siri. It has a reassuring, kittenish computer voice. Sort of like the robot you imagined would be greeting you when you arrived home in 2013... back in 1992. It can wake you up with a pretty song. A gentle trill. A bizarre rant about taking over the world. Yeah, it’s odd like that. But it gets... odder. And meaner.

To shut off the alarm, you’ll have to complete some mildly annoying tasks. Pinch the icon. Shake the phone. Chase a dot around the screen. Nothing too tough.

Oh, but say you like to hit snooze. Well, you can do that. Just know that you will be punished. With more odd tasks. And insults. It will call you “meatbag.” It will publicly shame you on your Twitter feed.

But not in the Anthony Weiner way.

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