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Doctor Feelgood

All-Day Comfort Food in the Gold Coast

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Your doctor called, and, well, he has some bad news.

Seems you have a major burger deficiency.

One possible cure: Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen, an all-day Gold Coast urgent care center stocked with all manner of comfort food, slated to open Thursday.

This place was named after the owner’s father, who was, in fact, an MD. But as far as we know, he never prescribed a plate of boneless, spicy Tennessee Fried Chicken to anyone.

The vibe is a mix of casual and posh. On the one hand, you’ll order at a counter and be handed a tracker so your server can find you. On the other hand, you’re surrounded by enough walnut and marble to power a small villa in Italy.

You’ll use this place a lot. For breakfast, you’ll pick up a hot Bow Truss coffee and an egg-spinach-provolone breakfast pizza. For a quick lunch—or a not-so-quick dinner—you’ll grab a booth near the front windows and dive into a burger with honey-habanero BBQ sauce. Go ahead, supplement with a gin and tonic.

Or you could always opt for the 12-ounce, locally sourced, chili-rubbed New York strip. The meat is from Publican Quality Meats, by the way.

You thought it looked familiar.


Doc B’s Fresh Kitchen
100 E Walton St
(between Michigan and Rush)
Chicago, IL, 60611


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