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A New House of Mexican Delights on Divisadero

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Normally, this is the part where we’d welcome you back and ask how it went.

But we don’t have time for that today.

No. Today, we need to prepare you for tomorrow.

Because tomorrow, you face all the mezcal in all the world...

Bienvenido a La Urbana, a Mexico City–inspired cantina slinging mezcal like it’s water and braised-oxtail stew like it’s... exactly that, taking reservations now for tomorrow’s opening on Divisadero.

This’ll be a nice little place to stop in after a long day spent doing whatever you do on long days.

It’s pretty casual (as evidenced by the painted dressers and bookshelves lining the back bar). And pretty Mexican (as evidenced by the colorful tile floors and random skeletons). It’s also pretty filled with mezcal (as evidenced by there being over 30 of them).

There’s a dining room off to the left, but the bar is where you belong. Right there with all the braised short ribs with seared bone marrow and tomatillo. With a “martini” made from sake and mezcal.

And soon, they’ll have a mezcal shop, a tasting room and a casual annex situation called Mercado Urbano serving Mexican street food by day and becoming a lounge by night.

Expect mezcal.


La Urbana
661 Divisadero St
(at Grove)
San Francisco, CA, 94117


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