Hialeah Park Casino

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Three Ways to Use the Hialeah Park Casino

Churchill Downs. Belmont Park. Pimlico.

As far as horse racing goes, they’re all right.

Truth is, you’re itching for a new place to watch some races. A place that’s... different. A place that’s... exotic.

A place that’s... Hialeah.

Step inside the Hialeah Park Casino, a newly renovated gambling palace bringing ponies, poker and pasta feasts to the masses, starting now. Below: three ways to use the casino. Nothing ventured...

Go ahead, bet on the ponies.
Yup, they’ve been racing quarter horses here for 80 years. It’s just that now, the track is newer. The grounds: greener. And while the races don’t start until November, the flamingos are still there. Good odds on the pink one.

Or just go straight for the poker table.
Oh, look, a casino. That’s convenient. Go ahead and kill an hour or 10 at one of the 882 slots. Or head to the outdoor terrace and play a hand of poker or dominos while puffing on a stogie. Unleash a well-timed “dale” or two. Hey, when in Rome... Hialeah... whatever.

Carbo-load. For going the distance.
Bella Notte. It’s their in-house Italian joint. Good opportunity to refuel on stuff like baked clams oreganata, seafood risotto and a 16-ounce veal chop.

Veal: the luckiest of the proteins.


Hialeah Park Casino
100 E 32nd St
Hialeah, FL, 33010

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