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Silkworms and Frog Legs on Clark Street

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We’ve seen what you’ve been putting in your body this summer.

And you’re way down on your fried-silkworm-larvae quotient.

So Four Belly, a humble house of Asian delights, is now soft-open in Lakeview to help with that. It’s also pretty good if you want to hit your pork-ramen quotient.

To answer your first question: no, this is not related to the Belly Shack/Urban Belly/BellyQ empire. The owner of this place runs the Nori sushi shops. But instead of sushi, you’ll find things inspired by his travels through Korea, Bangkok and... Wisconsin (well, that’s mostly for the barn-wood tables).

You could meet up with a casual date here, or just a couple of foodie-leaning friends. There’s lots of dark wood and hand-painted cartoon piggies to admire. If you can, grab the table under that big laughing Buddha. You know, for the karma and whatnot.

It’s going to be BYOB for the next few months, so bring a bottle of something that goes well with garlic-and-pepper frog legs, grilled ribeye, bulgogi and panang noodles.

And starting next week, the full menu launches—including those fried caterpillars, aka silkworm larvae—so bring a bottle that goes well with that, too.

We hear chardonnay is larva-compatible.


Four Belly
3227 N Clark St
(between Belmont and School)
Chicago, IL, 60657


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