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Flaming Chicken Wings in an Iconic Building

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IBM Plaza.

You know it as Mies van der Rohe’s last skyscraper. As Bruce Wayne’s office in The Dark Knight Rises. As... the sexiest place in town for a bowl of flaming chicken wings.

Or you will soon enough.

For that, thank: Travelle, a posh new restaurant in the Langham hotel, now open.

This is a bring-your-expense-account-if-you-have-one kind of place. Stunning views. Abstract artwork. A 1,600-bottle-strong glass wine cellar.

To find it, take the elevator to the second floor and head west. If you see a room with round banquettes and giant windows overlooking the Chicago River and Marina City, you’ve arrived. (If someone is checking you into a suite, you haven’t.)

This is where you’ll host business meetings over lamb burgers and a sturdy California cab. Or it’s where you’ll seduce people over hanger steaks and Nutella baklava. Possibly, it’s where you’ll do both simultaneously.

Of course, if you’re in a hurry, you can always opt for the adjacent lounge. It’s got low-to-the-ground leather armchairs and a menu with caviar, champagne and, yes, chicken wings that will be set on fire at your table.

So wear your nice flame-retardant shirt.

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