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The Craziest Spa Treatments Around Town

Ah, the dog days of summer. Grilling. Pool parties. Bikini dance-offs. It’s finally taken its toll on you. Fact is, you need a massage. But not just any rubdown. You need something a bit... unorthodox. Weird. Crazy, even. Below, five spas that are up to the task.

Crushed Jewels. Exfoliation. This.

Crushed Jewels. Exfoliation. This.

The Treatment: Diamonds & Pearls.
The Raw Materials: Diamonds, rubies and sapphires.
The Play-by-Play: For this, you’ll be channeling your inner topaz. Because you’re about to be polished, buffed and wrapped for 90 minutes using a powder made of crushed gemstones. Way to finally make yourselves useful, diamonds.

Eau Spa, 100 S Ocean Blvd, Manalapan, 561-533-6000

A Really Weird/Great Use for Bamboo

A Really Weird/Great Use for Bamboo

The Treatment: Bamboo Fusion.
The Raw Materials: Natural bamboo stalks.
The Play-by-Play: Your masseuse will enter the treatment room bearing some impressive bamboo stalks. Buck up. Because your muscles are about to be vigorously worked over by some of Mother Nature’s strongest stems. And like it.

Your Brunch Mimosa. Now on Your Back.

Your Brunch Mimosa. Now on Your Back.

The Treatment: Tangerine Mimosa Massage.
The Raw Materials: Citrus. Essence of bubbly.
The Play-by-Play: You’ll start off with a full-body massage. As you do. But then, you’ll be scrubbed using ingredients from one of your favorite Sunday morning cocktails. Note: probably not the time to go bottomless.

Slathering Fish Eggs on Your Face

Slathering Fish Eggs on Your Face

The Treatment: Caviar Facial.
The Raw Materials: Yup, caviar.
The Play-by-Play: After kicking back on a plush chaise in their lounge, you’ll be brought into your treatment room. Then, for 75 oddly pleasurable minutes, you’ll have caviar rubbed all over your face. No, you can’t bring blinis.

If That Trip to Bali Falls Through...

If That Trip to Bali Falls Through...

The Treatment: Javanese Royal Treatment.
The Raw Materials: Jasmine, rice, turmeric and yogurt.
The Play-by-Play: You’ll enter a thatched hut and begin with a Balinese massage. Next, you’ll be scrubbed with a rice-and-turmeric concoction before being coated with warm yogurt. Hey, they were out of the frozen stuff.

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