Sleeping Beauty

Photographs of You, Fast Asleep

None Every night, you fall asleep.

At which point, some strangers do not quietly enter your room and take pictures of you.

And because of that, the art world suffers.

Stop making the art world suffer.

Hold really, really still for Sleep Snapshots, a pop-up photography studio where you’ll have time-lapsed portrait pictures taken while you sleep, welcoming interested parties now.

First of all, it’s not as creepy as it sounds. It’s actually a revival project for the late artist Ted Spagna. He pioneered photographing sleeping humans back in the ’70s (obviously it was the ’70s). And in August, his nephew and goddaughter will open a few sleep photography studios around the Northeast for commissioned appointments. You know, family legacy and such.

For now, just give them your email. They’ll get back to you. Then, on the day of your appointment, show up and fall asleep (nobody said this would be easy). While you slumber: 30 or so overhead photos will be taken. When you rise: you’ll receive the best inaction shot of the bunch.

Alternatively, they have some original prints and a coffee-table book of Spagna’s work for sale, if you’re more into the collecting-art thing.

And/or less into the people-watching-you-sleep thing.

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