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After millennia of research, the secret formula to a perfect dinner date has been discovered:

27.5%: warm lighting
41.4%: witty repartee
13.2%: eye contact
14.7%: footsie
3.2%: hummus 

Yes, that last one surprised us, too. But far be it from us to stand in the way of science.

Oh, and here’s a new place to conduct your own research: Kurah, opening Wednesday as your cozy Mediterranean tapas spot in the South Loop.

Sure, it’s located on the first floor of one of those new modern high-rises—all glass and shiny steel on the outside. But once inside, you’re in a cozy nest with high ceilings, exposed concrete, accent pillows and wooden arches. It’s not exactly Morocco, but there are fig martinis here. So no complaints.

You and your date will probably feel most comfortable in the mezzanine, a perch where you can lord over the rest of the room. Your night will unfold over platters of brick-oven-baked flatbreads dipped in that hummus, and the whispering of exotic words like “za’atar” and “kubbeh.” As well as not-so-exotic words like “braised Colorado rack of lamb” and “rose flan.”

But you can still say them with an accent.


1355 S Michigan Ave
(at 14th St)
Chicago, IL, 60605


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