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Fried-Chicken Tacos in West Town

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When life hands you lemonade, you know what to do. Totally obvious.

But say life hands you a plate of famous fried chicken.

Well, that’s a toughie. You could just eat it. But that’s too easy.

So take a lesson from Chicago Taco, the new Mexican-inspired reincarnation of West Town Tavern, opening tonight.

See, after 11 years on this corner serving up nationally recognized comfort food, West Town pioneers Susan and Drew Goss just discovered your passion for tacos stuffed with pork belly, fried chicken and duck. So on Monday, they closed down West Town Tavern. And by tonight, you’ll find those ingredients in delicious, convenient taco form.

They’ve also stripped the place down to its bare brick walls and antique cabinets. Yes, you still probably could come here on a date, but you’re just as likely to swing by after work, order some shrimp tacos to go and sip a PBR at the bar while you wait.

By the way, the former wine program is pared down to three simple choices—red, white and pink. But honestly, there’s something you’ll find more tempting about the horchata-and-rum milk punch or the Salted Watermelon with orange-peel-infused vodka.

It’s probably the rum and vodka.

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