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Honoring the Ladies of Swim Week

12 Photos The Ladies of Swim Week
None 12 Photos The Ladies of Swim Week
You enjoyed Swim Week for many reasons.

The panel discussions. The celebratory dinners. The Rodman sightings.

And then there were the bikinis. Yeah, you spent a lot of time admiring those bikinis. And the women in them. Just a splendid combination.

Which is why we’ve decided to pay homage to the sun-kissed, leggy bounty of this past week in something we’re calling The Ladies of Swim Week. It’s a photographic journey that recounts the best moments in swimwear from the past week. And possibly, ever. Go on, take a look.

What you can expect: animal prints, suspenders, bindis. And... the introduction of the vest-kini.

Yup, someone beat you to it.

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