It’s Camping. It’s Art. It’s Amsterdam.

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This summer, you could go camping.

Or you could fly off to a major European capital. Say, Amsterdam.

Or you could go camping right in Amsterdam. Inside a giant sculpture, no less.

Sure, hotels are tempting, but that would ruin the heady joy that is Urban Campsite Amsterdam, an art installation/campground containing a few mildly bizarre domiciles that you can rent for a night or three, taking reservations now for August 16 to September 30.

This is something like Lewis Carroll’s idea of sleepaway camp. Your cabin options: a 12-sided treehouse; a giant drainpipe with a bed inside; a 30-foot purple sperm named “Darwin.” And 12 other inhabitable structures that somebody considers art.

After arriving in Amsterdam, you’ll take a five-minute ferry to your campground. You’ll meet a Dutch person who will say something like “Welkom bij uw nederige stulp” (“Welcome to your humble dwelling”). Which, in this case, might be a camper van that collapses into an astroturf yard.

And hey, nobody said you were roughing it. No matter your campsite, you’ve got a bar. And wi-fi. And a wood-fired sauna. And if you booked the “Story Caravan,” you’ve got a woman named Nancy coming to read you a bedtime story.

We assume tucking-in costs extra.


Urban Campsite Amsterdam
Camping Vliegenbos
Meeuwenlaan 138
Amsterdam 1022 AM
The Netherlands,


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