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This heat.

It’s turning you into a four-shirts-a-day person.

Speaking of which, you could use some new shirts. And maybe some more antiperspirant.

But let’s focus on the shirts for now. Because we know a place...

Meet Blank Label Custom Showroom, a brick-and-mortar store that’s ready to provide you with made-to-measure dress shirts and other sartorial necessities, accepting appointments now.

You probably know Blank Label. Based in Boston. Been around for a while. Make great shirts. Never had their own shop. Well, now they do. And it’s... pretty glorious.

Start by making an appointment. Then, walk up three floors and enter what feels like a charming buddy’s apartment overlooking Newbury, complete with marble fireplace and dark wood. Take a seat. Have a bourbon. Tell them what you’re looking for in a shirt—type of collar, fabric, cuffs, shirt pattern, everything. (Yes, they monogram.) 

They’ll measure you and send your measurements and the other details to artisans in Shanghai, and your new shirt will arrive at your door in about a week. Easy.

One other thing: you can also get suits from these guys. All types—dark suits, light suits, linen suits, wool suits.

Maybe hold off on wearing the wool suit, for now.


Blank Label Custom Showroom
36 Gloucester St
Boston, MA, 02116


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