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The New Davanti Enoteca in River North

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The Italians. They’re everywhere.

Soon, you won’t be able to go anywhere without hearing foreign phrases like “bucatini amatriciana,” “cacio e pepe” and “Davanti Enoteca.”

And, well... it’s going to be great.

So be aware of this Little Italy émigré: Davanti Enoteca, an open-all-day River North version of Scott Harris’s Taylor Street showstopper, debuting this afternoon.

Yes, this is the same Davanti Enoteca you’re familiar with. It’s got the same giant egg-filled ravioli, the same prosciutto-veal meatballs, the same glorious boards heaped with Italian cheeses. Yet somehow it’s more... Davanti-ish.

Inside it feels like a rustic farmhouse, filled with brick archways, floorboards made from a Joliet armory and walls that ooze with mortar. It’s the kind of place made for power lunching over a bacon-jam-topped burger and a Peroni. For dinner, the best spot in the house is the five-top kitchen table, where you’ll watch the pizzaiolo do their thing.

You can hold your breakfast meetings here, too—over things like salmon pizzettes and lemon-ricotta pancakes.

If you’re in a rush, you’ll find an entire Glazed & Infused pastry shop tucked in the corner, complete with a walk-up window.

Entering a store for your maple-bacon long johns: so much work.

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