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Lord of the Fly

If Iron Man’s Suit Were Powered by Water

None You’re mad at rain right now.

We’re mad at it, too.

But in rain’s defense: it fills Lake Lanier with water.

And you’re about to use that water to fly around like a happy idiot.

Because it’s time to meet Flyboard Atlanta, a small outfit providing you with the means by which to rip around above Lake Lanier on a water-powered jetpack-looking thing that you stand on (technically speaking), taking reservations now.

Picture Iron Man flying around in his suit. Good. Now replace Mr. Downey Jr. with you. And replace the streaks of fire coming out of his suit with impossibly powerful jets of water. And replace the need to save the world with the need to do double air twists.


Grab a friend and get them to the marina. You’ll be met by an instructor. He’ll start bandying about terms like “feet propulsion” and “hand stabilization.” You’ll pretend to listen but probably not really listen.

Then, you’ll take a tiki boat out on the lake, strap into this thing and proceed to do backflips and nosedives from 40 feet in the air.

And then... you’re going to need someone to Instagram that for you.


Flyboard Atlanta
at Aqualand Marina
6800 Lights Ferry Rd
Flowery Branch, GA, 30542

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