Call It a Hutch

Wrigleyville’s New Comfort-Food Haven

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There’s no place like home.


But say you need dinner after a Cubs game. Or before Friday’s Pearl Jam concert. Or say your home is totally out of baby back ribs with cherry-cola barbecue sauce. (We know: it’s highly unlikely. But stay with us.)

Then... this place is better than home: Hutch, a friendly and handsome new comfort-food spot, opening Thursday in Wrigleyville.

Occupying the former Socca address, this has the same basic layout, with some smart little improvements. You can still stop into the bar area for a quick drink, of course—they’re rotating five local brews on tap. But you’ll appreciate that they’ve lowered the bar top to a dining-friendly height. So you won’t feel out of place if your pre-Cubs beer turns into pre-Cubs beer-can chicken with lemon green beans.

The rest of the menu steers toward steaks, chops and white-cheddar cheeseburgers, while the dining room now features more tufted leather and less white tablecloths. Plus, the arrival of a noise-dampening cork ceiling means you have a quieter date venue for splitting a Chocolate Ding Cake—sort of a hybrid of a cupcake and a Ding Dong.

Assuming your date likes those things.

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